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Guelph Tool Library

We are located at:
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1013 - 2/13/2021 9:21:34 AM  

Good Call 2021

Help Guelphites stay connected with cell phone collection program

Guelph Tool Library helps Guelphites stay connected with cell phone collection program

For Immediate Release - February 12, 2021

The program aims to collect 2000 used cell phones for refurbishment and recycling, and refurbished phones will be distributed to individuals in need via community partners. 

The Guelph Tool Library is pleased to be bringing back the Good Call Program for 2021.  In partnership with the Guelph Community Health Centres’ Get Connected Program, we hope to collect 2000 second hand phones and redirect 200 of them back to the community.  We are working with the GCHC, Chalmers Community Service Centre, Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis and Family Counselling and Support Services of Guelph Wellington to distribute the phones. 

[ 2018 Good Call Photo ]  All repair sessions with volunteers will be conducted remotely in compliance with public health guidelines **

Phones can be donated at the following locations during regular hours (with more locations to be added):

Meridian Credit Union - 200 Speedvale Ave W, Guelph

Planet Bean Downtown - 2 Wyndham St N

North End Harvest Market (Waverly Neighbourhood Group)  - 140 Waverley Dr, Guelph

Broken and older cell phones will go to the Toronto Zoo for recycling through their Phone Apes Recycling Program. The Toronto Zoo recycles cell phones as it helps to protect habitat for Lowland Gorillas. The mineral coltan, which is processed to tantalum, is a vital element in almost all cell phones and the mining of coltan puts pressure on the gorillas’ habitat. By recycling old cell phones, tantalum can be reused; lessening the demand to mine pure coltan. 

Newer, working cell phones will be serviced by Repair Cafe Guelph volunteers. The Guelph Tool Library will not be directly dispensing any of the phones once repaired, and are teaming up with local organizations to handle distribution. Chalmers Community Services Centre and Lakeside Hope House have offered to issue phones to those that are in need once they become available. The collection and repair process will take a few months, with the program running in to the spring of 2021. 

Coordinator John Dennis writes, “Now, more than ever it is important for everyone to have access to a cell phone. So many appointments and opportunities are only offered virtually, and without that connection, people will miss out on vital support services and social inclusion”

Those interested in volunteering can sign up for an online course that will cover different aspects of cell phone repair. Volunteers will be loaned the appropriate tools for fixing, and will learn how to diagnose problems, assess what parts are needed, and make repairs to screens and other electronic components. 

Before donating your mobile devices please ensure that the account for the device has been fully paid and service has been deactivated.  Also remove the SIM card, if there is one, and clear off all personal information. Recycle My Cell is a great site with instructions on how to wipe your device. Additional program details can be found at


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