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Photo Credit: Stefania Galluccio @mystoo
1053 - 3/22/2021 5:54:35 AM  

Mirzada Family House Fire Relief Fund
"Our dear friend Waida, one of our lovely stylists here at Butterfly Salon And Spa is currently needing as much support as possible"

For Immediate Release - March 22, 2021

Erika Baker is organizing this fundraiser.

On Tuesday morning, March 9th, our friend’s family home caught on fire in Guelph, ON.  

4 family members and their puppy “Panda,” were able to safely evacuate.  One family member was hospitalized due to smoke inhalation, but is now safe.  A significant amount of damage was done to their home, and will need major repairs, just weeks after significant renovations were completed.  The family is now displaced, and will have to rebuild, which will take up to a year.  They have to manage this, while working full time, and two being full time university students.

Their house wasn’t just a house, but a home, that the family spent many years of hard work to create.  We have nothing but fond memories of visiting their place (pre-Covid times), whether it was for weekly tea time, making dinners together, or lounging on their couch.  Anyone that visited their home not only felt the love, but also left with a tummy full of the best Afghan food.  Losing your home at a time of global pandemic is devastating, when you’re supposed to stay home, but there is no home. 

We are calling on our community to come together during this difficult time, and to give back what the Mirzada’s have always shared with all of us. The funding will help with the Mirzada’s relocation, and living expenses while their home is being rebuilt, this includes rent, groceries, other necessities, and continuing mortgage payments on their damaged house.

Erika Baker


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