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1103 - 7/8/2021 7:03:04 AM  

Get Ready for a Downtown Guelph Scavenger Hunt!
Join the Downtown Guelph Scavenger Hunt from July 10-21 using Dux, a leading-edge Augmented Reality app

For Immediate Release - July 7, 2021 

Imagine an app like Pokémon Go, but for grown-ups. 

People could go on scavenger hunts and collect prizes, while also discovering can’t-miss local small business destinations in turn.  An app that connects customers with businesses in entirely fun and novel ways, while contributing to our city’s success.  Now there’s an app for that…and it was made right here in Guelph, Ontario.

Guelph-based mobile app development company Midnight Illusions is bringing fun to your phone through Dux, an app that uses the power of Augmented Reality to help locals and tourists rediscover the magic of Main Street, and beyond.  Simply hold up your iOS or Android phone as you walk down the street, and local culture, tourism, and small business information pops into view in real-time.  The app also informs users about specials and deals being offered by stores and businesses that can be shared via social media with friends.

In partnership with the Downtown Guelph Business Association, Dux users can take part in a Downtown Guelph Scavenger Hunt running from July 10-21.  Use the app to locate four puzzle pieces hidden around downtown.  Collect all pieces to unlock a ballot to win one of 20 prizes, including “Downtown Dollars” (redeemable at many downtown locations) and local cook books. 

“We are very excited to be launching our novel Augmented Reality-based app in our hometown of Guelph,” said company director Jason Bavington.  “Dux was designed from the ground-up to specifically meet the needs of local small businesses, uniquely connecting owners with shoppers.  It gives people a fun and playful way to explore our city and region at their own leisure and pace directly on their phone, alleviating any concerns regarding crowding or distancing.” 

The bonus?  When the scavenger hunt is over you’ll still have a direct link to unique local small business gems and cultural discoveries in the downtown Guelph area and throughout Wellington County and beyond – a long-term prize for everyone and a win-win for our entire region! 

Join the Downtown Scavenger Hunt from July 10-21 by downloading the Dux app this coming Friday for your iOS/Android phone here: 

To learn more contact:  Jason Bavington, Director at or 226-820-9111

About Midnight Illusions Ltd.
Based in Guelph Ontario, Midnight Illusions Ltd. is a digital media solutions company specializing in creating award-winning and internationally recognized mobile apps. Having been developing mobile apps since 2012 (and websites since 1994), they have extensive experience crafting successful solutions for a wide variety of Clients.  Since 2016 the company has been focusing extensively on working with the latest hardware and software technologies in the fields of GPS/geolocation, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Their latest Augmented Reality app, the Dux Local City Guide, allows local citizens and tourists to engage with culture, tourism, and small business locations in real-time by integrating information on top of what their phone’s camera is viewing.  

About Dux
Dux uses the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to help local and tourists rediscover the magic of Main Street, empower everyone to engage with the people and places that sit at the heart of wherever they might find themselves.  It is a completely new way to explore the sights and scenes of some of our most picturesque cities and towns. 

Be whisked away on enrapturing scavenger hunts, explore self-guided tours at one’s own pace, hear local legends tell their stories in their own words, or unearth hidden gems and secret locales typically known only to the most local of locals.

In a world of fast and shallow cookie cutter tourism, it can be hard to find and connect with things that are truly authentic — the faces and spaces that really define a place.  Dux acts as a local insider by highlighting all the can’t-miss destinations and clueing users into local legends and histories.  Choose activities and categories of interest and Dux takes care of the rest, allowing one’s curiosity to run wild, while contributing to the next chapter in the city's story.  It’s evolving more than just tourism and supporting local – it’s evolving human connection.

Dux is free to download and enjoy for iOS and Android.


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