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Photo Credit: Stefania Galluccio @mystoo
1242 - 6/8/2022 9:13:42 AM  

Capture the spirit of adventure on Ontario’s Craft Gin Trail

For Immediate Release - June 7, 2022

Self-guided tour gives gin enthusiasts a taste of several distilleries in southwestern Ontario 

Ontario’s first-ever Craft Gin Trail serves up a self-guided tour route for gin lovers to visit some of the most distinctive distilleries in Southwestern Ontario on a scenic road trip. 
Launching on World Gin Day on June 11, the Craft Gin Trail leads visitors to six gin distilleries about an hour’s drive outside the Greater Toronto Area in Waterloo Region, Perth County and Wellington County. Each of the distilleries have their own unique take on the popular spirit. 
“The Craft Gin Trail provides another way for people to get a taste of the vibrant culinary scene this part of the province offers, and experience some beautiful, exciting destinations not too far from home,”
says Marty Van Vleit, co-owner of the Elora Distilling Company. 
Distilleries featured on the Craft Gin Trail include: 

• Dixon’s Distilled Spirits of Guelph produces an award-winning line of hand-crafted, all-Canadian artisanal gins.  

• Elora Distilling Company of Elora makes a line of four gins from local ingredients, as well as a seasonal gin that changes throughout the year. 

• Junction 56 Distillery of Stratford uses a unique distillation process and a select mix of local botanicals to give traditional gin a fresh twist. 

• Silver Fox Distillery of Arthur, the only fully woman-owned distillery on the trail, uses locally sourced grains and botanicals to craft award-winning spirits. 

• Spring Mill Distillery of Guelph embraces time-honoured distilling traditions and historic roots that stretch back more than 200 years to bring gin and spirits to aficionados today.   

• Willibald Farm Distillery & Brewery of Ayr crafts gin and spirits from products grown right on the farm, in addition to welcoming visitors to its restaurant, brewery and seasonal biergarten. 
By launching a website, social media channels on Facebook and Instagram @craftgintrail and a brochure with a passport program to raise awareness about the Craft Gin Trail, organizers are hoping to put a diverse roster of distilleries on the map.  
The Craft Gin Trail is currently supported by six distilleries, tourism partners Elora & Fergus Tourism, Taste Real and Regional Tourism Organization 4. Organizers hope that more craft distilleries will join in to enhance gin offerings.  

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