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1281 - 12/20/2022 3:11:33 PM  

Gwelf Early Days Storytelling Walking Tour
Sat Dec 31st

For Immediate Release - December 10, 2022

Experience time travel. Just before you step forward to 2023, Jay Wilson, Storyteller will transport you  back to the 1800’s

There are 2 performances Sat Dec 31, at 2 and 4pm 

Guelph isn’t yet a hamlet in 1827, but as “stars from darkness come, appear” Guelph is beginning to  shine. 

By 1860 the population of Guelph would be 5,130 people, horses 384, sheep 27, stone houses 239. 

In the 1800’s before social media, newspapers connected people to their community. If you had  something to say you wrote to the editor. Want to read about the Guelph tornado of 1829, or the coming railway in 1856? Interested in the news about the first child born in the new settlement, or Guelph’s  first “blushing bride”? How about the first four to die in Guelph? It’s either in the newspaper, or  someone’s personal journal. 

Hear about “the savage growls and shrill unearthly howlings” of the wolves and bears nearby, witness  the clearing of the land “so many trees burning as far as the woods were felled”. 

Visit Whiskey Street  or hear news about the newly formed Temperance Society.  

This New Year’s Eve hear thrilling newspaper accounts, listen to amusing diary entries, and take in  local 19’th century poetry of the day as we visit unique, out of the way locations, in downtown Guelph. Guelph is famous for its limestone architecture and several relics from the past have been lovingly  preserved and are worth a visit. It is a wonderful, entertaining way to welcome 2023. Live theatre  meets historical walking tour. A moving theatrical journey. 

To keep the experience intimate, your tour is limited to 20 people. Jay, a professional actor, will  transport you to the mid 1800’s reciting material exactly as written in the very locations from which  inspiration took place.  

There are 2 performances
Sat Dec 31, at 2 and 4pm 
Tickets for this 90 minute walking tour are $25ea  
Available at Eventbrite
or by e-mail reservation at 

Time travel makes a great holiday experience. 

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