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132 - 11/27/2018 11:12:54 AM  

Skoufis Ready For World Championship In Toronto

Nathan Skoufis a lifetime resident of the area, has always wanted to have a world championship event in his home province.

His wish came true, this upcoming weekend (Nov 30 & Dec 1) a world championship will be happening in Toronto. Skoufis is a multiple time world champion and currently is ranked #1 in the world by NASKA, NASKA is the most prestigious sanctioning body in the world hosting the top events. Events include Chicago, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Quebec City, Atlanta, Washington, Orlando, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Minneapolis and now Toronto has been added to the lineup. 

It will be a unique feeling for Skoufis who will just drive one hour from his home to attend the event and will be able to sleep in his own bed the night before the event for once (As he always takes a plane to events). 

The event has confirmed attendants from countries all over the world, all hoping to claim the title.  There will be thousands in attendance over the weekend, the event is recognized by the federal government. 

Skoufis said “It is a special moment to have a NASKA World Championship here in Ontario and an amazing opportunity for the community. Many of my family members and friends rarely get to see me compete live, as they are so far away. It is usually on T.V. etc. that they are able to watch along”. 

Toronto is the final tournament of the NASKA World Championship Season. Skoufis has claimed world titles in NASKA, NBL, NAFMA and IFMA over his career, representing Canada and the community.

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