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277 - 4/23/2017 10:04:15 AM  

Andy Hughes CD Release Concert!

CD Release Concert for Andy Hughes' First CD Ever - Titled "Be Yourself"!

Saturday, April 29, 8pm At The Guelph Black Heritage Society, 83 Essex Street, Guelph

“Andy Hughes is a US citizen, a British citizen, and a Canadian one, but his first language is guitar. The world enters and leaves him - voice, breath and sustenance - through six strings.” (Gregory Denton: artist, teacher, musician)

Andy will be performing the entire album and will be joined by: Lewis Melville on guitar and vocals, Tannis Slimmon and Annie Sumi singing background vocals/ harmonies, Steve Vickery on upright bass, along with special guests Colin Couch on tuba, Greg Denton on banjo and Lisa Woolgar on flute. Opening Act: Ian Reid, a favourite singer/songwriter of Andy's (and many locals) for many years. Ian will open the evening with a 30 minute set of his music.

Saturday, April 29, 8pm
At The Guelph Black Heritage Society, 83 Essex Street, Guelph
Tickets $20 - available online at:
or through The Bookshelf

About Andy

"Andy has a rare gift; he's crafted tunes that songwriters like Nash, O'Sullivan, and Sebastian would be proud to call their own." (Ian Reid, singer/songwriter)

“Andy’s music is genuine, heart-felt, full of love, melodic and easy to appreciate.” (Arvi Gosmo, Magnolia Fine Foods)

Andy Hughes has been in Guelph and neighbourhood for 20 years, raising his daughter, studying classical music and playing around. You’ve seen him at the Silver Peso, Manhattan’s, the River Run Centre, The Guelph Youth Music Centre, William’s Coffee Pub, and the beloved Magnolia Cafe.

He was ‘that guy’ busking in the financial district of Toronto before there were buskers in Toronto. He’s still that guy making his way with his guitar. He was born in Toronto, but raised in LA and the north of England - 28 miles from Liverpool the birthplace of the Beatles. Andy sang before he talked and wrote his first love song at nine years old. Whether mixing with celebrities in Hollywood, picking gooseberries in the English countryside, or selling records in Toronto, from the time he was given his first guitar at fifteen, there has always been music in his hands and heart.

Andy grew up with the Beatles, Paul Simon, Billy Joel and the Bee Gees. He moved from playing Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, to festivals and the French Quarter in New Orleans. He shared quarters with well known Canadian producer Jack Richardson in Toronto in the 1980s, where he rubbed elbows with Alice Cooper, Kim Mitchell, and the Guess Who. Andy grew musically, loving some solid female artists as well. You may hear hints of Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morrisette in his indie-folk-pop style.

Andy’s songs, in one way or another, are songs of love with catchy melodies and succulent harmonies. They are joyful, romantic and memorable. Join him for the release of his much anticipated and labour of lovingly-crafted first album.

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