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284 - 5/21/2017 1:00:39 PM  

Billets Needed For July & August

Guelph ESL Program Seeks Host Families to Billet European & Chinese Teens for This July and August (honorarium paid)

Billets Needed for European and Chinese Teens' July and August Visits to Guelph

Teens from Spain, France and China will be paying their annual visits to Guelph this July and August. They will be studying English and enjoying a month of fun and sight-seeing. Canada Linc English, the company which organizes the program, is looking for families with an extra bedroom and some spare time, to host these young people in their homes for the month of July - and other families for August.

Spanish youth will be here for four weeks, from June 29 to July 26 - and the French youth will be here from July 10 to 30.

In August more French students as well as some Chinese students will arrive.

While in Guelph, the teens will be busy Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, attending English language classes every weekday morning at the University of Guelph and in the afternoons participating in cultural and sports activities. Students will be provided with bus passes and are expected to get around on their own. The program is organized so that working families who are away during the day can qualify as hosts.  Families are asked to provide a bedroom and meals and welcome their visitor into their everyday life.  

Students are expected to spend most of their evenings and weekends with their host families in order to integrate into our daily Canadian way of life - and to be shown around locally. The youth are free to take weekend trips with their host families if invited. The program includes trips to all the major tourist attractions, so families do not need to organize any major excursions.

Margaret Burnett has managed these programs since 1992 and, in that time, has welcomed close to 2,000 students to the Guelph community.  Many students and families have formed lasting attachments and continue to visit each other.  “Twenty five years is a long time to devote to the same program,” said Burnett, adding that she never gets bored as there are always new faces and challenges.  

Families interested in learning more can contact
Burnett at 519-766-8973
or by email at

A "per week" honorarium is paid to each host family to cover expenses. 

More info at:

Follow Canada Linc- Guelph on Twitter @CLEGuelph

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