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"No Longer Will Your Reach Exceed Your Grasp!"

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322 - 1/4/2019 12:59:49 PM  

All I Want For Christmas Is A Real TruckRake!

If You Know Someone That Has A Truck - You’ve Gotta Get Them A TruckRake®!

The gift of a TruckRake can solve so many problems!

No more crawling up into their truck bed to get at that parcel that slid up to the cab. No more getting your hands and knees dirty and ruining their good jeans.

With a TruckRake®, they can quickly retrieve that package or tool or tool box, easily and safely. The durable metal pole extends to just the right length and locks securely into place with two stainless steel push buttons for their safety and convenience.

The TuckRake was invented here in Guelph, and makes a great gift for the truck owner on your Christmas List.

A TruckRake® is a useful item for any truck owner and makes a Great Gift for the camper, outdoor enthusiast, contractor, or gardener in your family!

"I don't know how I got along without one - very handy for packing up and unloading all the family camping gear! " GM - Fergus, ON

"Owning a TruckRake has made it possible for me to hang on to my truck for a few more years. Climbing in and out of the box was getting to be a real challenge. Thanks Bill!" HJ - Guelph, ON

"I use my TruckRake get at those last few pieces of firewood (as well as the cooler and the case of beer) Sweet" DF - Toronto, ON

"Even taking a load of junk to the dump is fun with a TruckRake!" FD - Moorefield, ON


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