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"A family friendly fitness facility that offers karate and fitness (cardio kickboxing) training by Karate World Champion Instructors."

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413 - 12/19/2018 1:33:20 PM  

Skoufis Prepares For World Title Defence

Lifetime area native Nathan Skoufis is aiming to defend his World Middle Weight Title in New York at the NBL World Championships

The event will draw martial arts from throughout the globe, all aiming to claim the title. Martial arts styles present will include Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Boxing, Kung-Fu and many more. Skoufis began martial arts at age 6, a career that has seen him compete internationally. 

Skoufis is the reigning, defending and undisputed NASKA and NBL World Champion. He is currently the #1 Ranked NASKA fighter, a rank that has been held consecutively for over three years. Skoufis has claimed world titles in NASKA, NBL, IFMA and NAFMA. 

Winners of the event receive a diamond world championship ring, world championship plaque, world championship title belt and appearance in Sport Karate Illustrated magazine. The final two fighters will compete on stage to claim the world title. The NBL World Championships will begin December 25th and will end January 1st. That means no Christmas dinner for Skoufis who has his sights set on claiming the world title. 

At just 24, Skoufis is the owner and Head Instructor of the famed ‘Guelph Family Martial Arts’, is a fifth-degree black belt as well as a 13X World Champ aiming to secure his 14th title. Skoufis is the youngest person to hold the Master title and youngest owner of his own studio. 

The 2018 year has been a busy year for Skoufis already securing victories in Chicago, Toronto, Waterloo, Philadelphia, London, Quebec City, Washington, Toronto and Minneapolis helping Skoufis on being able to secure his #1 ranking. 

Skoufis will represent our community and Canada on the global stage.  

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Guelph Family Martial Arts (GFMA) is a family friendly fitness facility that offers karate and fitness (cardio kickboxing) training by Karate World Champion Instructors. Our classes are for everyone and every level of physical fitness, so you and your family can be sure you will feel comfortable in our program. Kids programs start as young as age 3 and provide a fantastic base for your child's overall development.

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