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604 - 10/2/2019 7:32:08 PM  

100 Debates on the Environment
Guelph joins over 100 communities across the country in simultaneously hosting a debate on the environment with Guelph candidates

For Immediate Release Wednesday October 2, 2019
100 Debates on the Environment - Guelph
7:00 pm October 3
Centennial CVI Located

"Recent polling showed that 90% of Canadians view climate change as being an “important” threat." Said Evan Ferrari, co-chair of the local organizing committee. 

"Among them, 50% said it was “urgent” added co-chair Steve Tedesco. 

"Every major pollster has discovered this year: that Canadians are ranking environment and climate change as top issues this election.  "
100 Debates Guelph is an informal group that is concerned about the environment. It is made up of the following organizations:

• Coalition for Social Justice
• Council of Canadians - Guelph
• eMERGE Guelph Sustainability
• Guelph Federation of University Women
• OPIRG-Guelph
• Protect Our Moraine
• Transition Guelph
• Wellington Water watchers
On October 3, candidates will have the chance to talk directly to voters about these urgent threats when local organizers open the doors to over 100 environment debates nation-wide. Right here in Guelph organizers are hosting the debate because they're concerned about the future of our society and the environment.
Local candidates from the NDP, Liberal, Conservative, Green and People's Party of Canada have been invited. The organizers of the debate are using criteria as set out in the Leaders Debate Commission to invite candidates.


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