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627 - 11/5/2019 6:14:56 PM  

Community Survey

The Wellington County Museum and Archives values your opinion and wants to hear from you!

For Immediate Release - November 5, 2019 

The Wellington County Museum and Archives (WCMA) is developing a five year Strategic Plan to respond to our communities’ needs. A critical component of the Plan is to obtain feedback from residents about how we are doing and what future programmes, events and directions you would like to see us take as your community Museum and Archives. 

TCI Management Consultants are overseeing the Strategic Plan process on behalf of the WCMA. Survey participants also have a chance to be entered into a draw to win a tablet. 

“We’re especially interested in hearing from people who have never visited the WCMA before,” said Janice Hindley, Wellington Place Administrator. “We’d like know what our residents and visitors would like to see so we can better shape future exhibits, events and programming.” 

The survey will be live until Monday, December 2. 


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