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648 - 12/1/2019 9:23:11 AM  

Operational Service Efficiency Review

County And Member Municipalities Complete Operational Service Efficiency Review

For Immediate Release - November 28, 2019

The County of Wellington and its seven member municipalities recently participated in an Operational Service Efficiency Review in response to the Government of Ontario’s Provincial Modernization Grant.  

All parties reserved funds from the province to assist with the review. The objective was to conduct a review of the operations within each municipality to find efficiencies and cost-savings without compromising services.

The Chief Administrative Officers (CAO’s) for the County and all seven municipalities worked closely with KPMG to identify creative and innovative solutions that can be implemented realistically and practically to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings in service delivery. 

Twenty potential opportunities were identified and will go though local and County councils for approval. 

“This project demonstrates the commitment of the County to collaborate with member municipalities to find innovative ways of becoming more effective and efficient in providing services to our residents and businesses.” said Warden Kelly Linton. “County and member municipality CAOs and staff worked hard to find opportunities where we can be more operationally efficient.”


1. Shared Public Works Facilities
2. Dispose of surplus buildings
3. Explore winter maintenance services and programmes between the County and/or local municipalities
4. Establish one Official Plan across the County and increase designated industrial land zones
5. Improve group purchasing process/combine purchasing power
6. County-wide coordinated investment strategy and management
7. County-wide coordinated and/or shared communications, marketing and advertising services
8. Streamline approval processes across the County
9. Consistent facility management services that can be shared across the County or across local municipalities
10. Explore common IT systems and resources across the County and local municipalities
11. Share functional management services across the County and/or local municipalities
12. Implement lean management system for cost improvement
13. Coordinated project management expertise for managing large capital projects
14. Review municipal drainage services for a regionalized model
15. Establish County-wide inventory and GIS data on employment land and municipal property
16. Establish County-wide Asset Management service delivery approach
17. Coordinated County-wide Human Resources services
18. Conduct County-wide User-Fee Studies to increase revenue and reduce levy
19. Explore common Climate Change and Energy Efficiency service delivery approach
20. Streamline Economic Development service delivery model


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