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"A family friendly fitness facility that offers karate and fitness (cardio kickboxing) training by Karate World Champion Instructors."

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685 - 1/22/2020 7:32:16 PM  

The Warrior Cup World Championships

Nathan Skoufis Prepares for Longest Running Martial Arts Tournament

For Immediate Release January 21, 2020

Nathan Skoufis, Owner and Head Instructor of Guelph Family Martial Arts has qualified for one of the longest running martial arts tournament in North America, The Warrior Cup World Championships to take place in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Skoufis will enter the event as the #1 ranked welterweight fighter in the world by NASKA. NASKA stands for North American Sport Karate Association. NASKA rates competitors based on their performances throughout the year in world events. Skoufis had a very busy competition season competing in Chicago, Miami, Ottawa, Quebec City, Atlanta, Washington, Augusta, Minneapolis, Toronto, London, Waterloo and Jamestown.  

The event will draw participants from throughout the globe, all with hopes of claiming the prestigious victory. Skoufis is a 21x World Martial Arts Champion and 3x NASKA World Champion, Skoufis has also won world titles in NBL, NAFMA and IFMA. Skoufis has also competed and claimed victories in WAKO, WKC and WKA. Skoufis has won world grand championship titles in NASKA and NBL, a hard task. Martial Arts styles present will include kickboxing, karate, boxing, tae kwon do and many more. 

Skoufis will represent both our community and Canada at the event. 

The Warrior Cup is part of the NASKA World Championship Circuit, NASKA ranks the top events throughout the world. NASKA World Events are Chicago, Ontario Cali, Warwick RI, Quebec QC, Atlantic City NJ, Manchester NH, Atlanta GA, Orlando FL, Washington DC, Augusta GA, Atlanta GA, Miami Beach FL, Bloomington MN and Toronto CA. Skoufis is coming on his recent world grand championship victory at the NBL (National Black Belt League) Supergrands World Championships in New York State where he won 5x World Titles and claimed a title at the NBL Supergrands World Championships for the third year in a row.

Skoufis said “I’m very excited for the event, the AKA Warrior Cup is such a historic tournament and one of the largest running throughout North America. It has had so many great martial artists attend the event all with the hopes of claiming the title. I am really looking forward to competing against the very best in the world, the event draws top international competitors from throughout the globe. This was one of first ever NASKA events and it always one that I look forward to. This year will be a very busy one competition wise, travelling to many of the top international events. This will be my very first tournament of 2020, I am really looking forward to start a new competition season and I am fortunate to be able to represent this amazing country and community.’’

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Guelph Family Martial Arts (GFMA) is a family friendly fitness facility that offers karate and fitness (cardio kickboxing) training by Karate World Champion Instructors. Our classes are for everyone and every level of physical fitness, so you and your family can be sure you will feel comfortable in our program. Kids programs start as young as age 3 and provide a fantastic base for your child's overall development.

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