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Raccoons Online Program

The Guelph Outdoor School is offering a unique opportunity to support kids in a changing world. Across Guelph, and across the country!


Support Kids in a Changing World | Raccoons Online Programs for Kids

Raccoons Online is a timely and effective way of keeping kids connected with themselves, other, and the natural world just outside their door.  Register the child in your life who could benefit from this great option, or share with that family you know would love it.

The irony of Guelph Outdoor School Online is not lost on us, but we find ourselves in interesting times where we are all being called on to be adaptive and creative.

Raccoons Online is professionally facilitated by some of our seasoned Guelph Outdoor School staff. We will provide welcoming and fun online nature connection programs for kids. Whether your backyard is forest or parking lot, Raccoons get kids connecting with other kids and the world just outside their door, on a weekly basis. Ages 7 – 13

Choose from 2 Sessions: Tuesday & Thursday, both at 1pm. This mid day timeslot allows kids from across the country and timezones to gather together and share their stories of adventure.  Victoria, St. John's, Toronto...and Guelph, obviously.

(Our first registration was Midland, Ontario. Second was just north of Orangeville!)

The Raccoons Virtual Opening Circle is a chance to share stories, gratitude, song, and hatch plans for the day and week.  Weekly games, challenges & adventures will include mapping; keeping a sketch book for birds, home and backyard gardening projects, Plant ID and animal tracks, calling grandparents and elders, learning stories off by heart, tracking the moon cycle and finding constellations, and SIT SPOT.  Weekly sessions bring nature awareness alive with hilarious polls & quizzes, instructor stories and slideshows, and mini-games and warm-ups 

Raccoons is designed to increase awareness and knowledge of place, as well as focus, self-esteem, and competence.  Weekly assignments of adventure or projects brings fresh eyes to kids' time at home, and fills the days with joy, initiative, and purpose.  Each new weekly session is an opportunity to share on what happened during the week before.  Lots of laughs, wonder, and excitement for being alive.  Your kid will love it.

Sliding Scale Options are available upon request.  GOS is committed to dissolving as many barriers to accessing our programs as possible.  Contact Guelph Outdoor School here for fee support.

Love what we are doing?  No kids to register?
Donate to the Next Child in the Woods Bursary Fund to help us keep GOS programs as accessible as possible for all kids and families.  Thanks in advance for your generous support and trust.  GOS is a non-profit organization.

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About The Guelph Outdoor School 
Founded in 2012 The Guelph Outdoor School has been providing a dynamic, weekly nature immersion and mentorship programs for kids .   Parents, Schools, and Community organizations recognize GOS as a leader in generating significant results for kids in all areas of development: physical, emotional, cognitive, social, academic. GOS programs are an effective, fun, and non-clinical approach for overall health and well-being, growth and learning.


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