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The Crow’s Nest

On May 1st, the Guelph Tool Library premiered the first episode of their podcast, The Crow’s Nest

For Immediate Release -Tue, May 5, 2020


On May 1st, the Guelph Tool Library premiered the first episode of their podcast,  The Crow’s Nest.  It is now available through the Guelph Tool Library’s social media, Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, and Substack. Thirza Armstrong, Operations Coordinator at the GTL, will be talking with notable locals and guests from a variety of disciplines sharing their thoughts and experiences on topics ranging from the experiences of Tiny Home Living to keeping connected and sane during COVID-19, and more.
The Guelph Tool library has been one of countless businesses and organizations that have been affected by the shutdown. It has been a priority for the Guelph Tool Library to adapt to the circumstances and move programming online. Stephanie Clarke, Sustainability Coordinator said, “Launching this podcast has been a goal of the Guelph Tool Library for some time, as we work to stay connected to our community in unique and exciting ways. We look forward to the stories, memories, and new ideas our guests and listeners share with us.” 
The podcast is named in honour of the tool library’s mascot animal, the crow, which was chosen because of the bird’s reputation of collecting and gifting found objects, which parallels the Guelph Tool Library’s service of collecting tools and maintaining them for community use. The podcast will be hosted by Thirza Armstrong, who began at the tool library in a Canada Summer Jobs position and then continued to volunteer at the GTL as a librarian and steering committee secretary. They have since moved on to the role of Interim Operations Coordinator after leaving the University of Guelph. Thirza says of stepping into their new role of host, “I’ve always been more comfortable behind the scenes. I think I’m a little bit awkward. But I love to facilitate connections in people, so I’m really excited for the chance to curate information and entertainment from sources someone might not have known or considered earlier.”
The release schedule will consist of episodes 1-3 on May 1st, featuring Guelph Tool Library Sustainability Coordinator Stephanie Clarke, musician and radio host Jenny Mitchell, and small business owners Dee and Jules of Pressed for Time Paninis.  Future episodes will release weekly and will include guests such as Karen Houle, poet and professor of Philosophy; Bettina Vollmerhausen, textile artist and co-founder of the Ottawa Tool Library; and Thirza’s 6 year old nephew, Jordan. Outside of connection and entertainment, the goal of the podcast is to act as a database of  stories, memories, experiences and ideas. “Podcasts are pretty similar to libraries already in the way they collect and archive information,” Thirza says, “So it’s a natural fit for a tool library to start a project like this. The Crow’s Nest is, at its simplest form, a digital human library.” 
A wide range of topics will be presented on The Crow’s Nest. Thirza talks with guests about their fields of interest, what inspires them and how they got started, as well as current events, favourite tools or projects, and personal anecdotes. The current overarching theme is COVID-19 and its effects on people’s lives and industries, as well as the positive interactions and community rallying that has come out during the pandemic. 

 The Crow’s Nest can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, and Substack starting May 1st. Links can also be found on the GTL’s Facebook and website

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