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"Use Your Style To Change The World."
Grey Rock Clothing Co.
 Located At: 29 Quebec Street, Guelph ON, N1H 2T1, Tel: (519) 820-2874, Web: Email:

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Grey Rock Clothing Co

What keeping warm with style is all about.

About Grey Rock Clothing Co.
Sweatshop-free and Ethical Clothing Store

Grey Rock Clothing Co. is a men’s and women’s ethical sweatshop-free clothing store in Guelph ON. We are about providing people with the opportunity to change the world with their everyday purchases. We source clothes, shoes and accessories that not only look and feel fantastic, but also have a positive impact on the world both socially and environmentally.

Grey Rock was founded by Beth Timlin in 2012 who moved to Guelph in 2010 after years of studying and working abroad. The idea for Grey Rock came about from her partner, Joel. His interest in world issues and finding a way to do something to address them led to the idea of being an information source for people looking for ethical clothing. After doing some research and finding minimal options available in Southern Ontario, the project evolved from being about a source of information to being a source of ethically made clothes.

Grey Rock aims to provide ethical clothing that is also stylish and affordable. We have done the research for people that allows them to purchase anything in our store and know it’s been ethically made.

We believe people will do the right thing given the choice.

Store Hours
Monday 10:00 – 5:30
Tuesday 10:00 – 5:30
Wednesday 10:00 – 5:30
Thursday 10:00 – 5:30
Friday 10:00 – 5:30
Saturday10:00 – 5:30
Sunday 12:00 – 4:00
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