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911 - 11/14/2020 12:07:25 PM  

Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome Society expands to Guelph & Wellington County, renaming to Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 2, 2020  

Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome Society is pleased to announce their expansion into Guelph and  Wellington County, officially renaming the organization Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome  Society. 

For 32 years, the Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome Society (WRDSS) has provided  programs, services and events in Waterloo Region to support those with Down syndrome and their  families. 

While families in Guelph and Wellington County have always been welcomed as members to the society,  supporting them locally was not possible. This had sparked conversations between the grassroots Down  Syndrome Guelph group and WRDSS, which resulted in pursuing an expansion to WRDSS’ geographic  reach. 

“We are pleased to announce our charity’s new name, Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society  (WWDSS) and look forward to officially supporting member families in both regions,” explains Tara Hart,  Co-Chair, WWDSS. “Our charity is run entirely by volunteers and we offer a number of programs and  events for people of all ages with Down syndrome and their families. One program we offer is  specifically for new parents and we are looking forward to connecting with medical professionals in  Guelph and Wellington County to let them know we are here to offer information, support, resources  and community.” 

“Over the past year, we have worked closely with Jocelyne Bridle who led the Down Syndrome Guelph  group on the potential of this change, and now that is it official, we are very hopeful about the support  it will bring to families in this region,” says Mary Casagrande, Co-Chair, WWDSS. 

“We are excited about this new development and offering more social, educational and supportive  resources for families and building a stronger sense of community,” says Jocelyne Bridle, WWDSS  Member and former Guelph Down Syndrome group lead.  

For more information about WWDSS, or to become a member, visit or email  

About the Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society:  The Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society (formerly the Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome  Society) is a charitable, non-profit organization created in 1988 by parents of children with Down  syndrome. Entirely run by volunteers, every dollar raised goes towards helping fund the various  programs and services provided to our members. The Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society  supports and informs individuals, families and the community on issues related to Down syndrome. We  advocate for persons with Down syndrome to lead healthy and active lives, enabling them to contribute  their unique gifts to our community. 


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