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Photo Credit: Stefania Galluccio @mystoo
918 - 11/17/2020 1:01:23 PM  

Botanical Jewels Grows A Website!

Guelph’s local plant store, has launched a brand-new online shop and educational website, offering the Guelph community the opportunity to buy and learn about a variety of locally propagated and grown plants.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 17th, 2020

Earlier in the year, Botanical Jewels was working hard to navigate how shoppers were obtaining plants  for home amidst the Covid pandemic. With plans for a greenhouse becoming more and more complicated,  Owner, Juliana VanderHeide began considering new options for her business.  

“After selling online through Guelph Market for the past couple of months, moving to our own platform  made the most sense”, said VanderHeide. The initial success of Botanical Jewels on Guelph Market’s  website showed the business owner that it was time to expand and VanderHeide said, “although we were  looking at a physical location, we believe it’s most important to concentrate on the safety and health of  the community. Now, with our new platform our primary focus can be on sustainable practices and  positive plant integration for our customers”.  

Why focus on houseplants? VanderHeide explains that she gained so much enrichment in her experience  working alongside plants day to day despite the season and now wants to be able to share that with the  Guelph Community and surrounding areas.

 “There are so many benefits to having plants play a large part  in your life” said VanderHeide, “Health, wellness and skill development to name a few, as well as a  multitude of studies that demonstrate having live plants in your home promotes positive mental health”.  

This move to a standalone website comes at a perfect time. With more time spent at home, people are  focusing on their inside plants to connect to nature and the outside world. 

“Now that we offer  consolations, we plan on helping the Guelph Community to explore and reconnect with the plants they  currently own, and new plants they’re interested in buying. Businesses and homeowners can now reach  out to us for assistance in understanding their plants needs or to determine what plants are right for them”  says VanderHeide. “We’re also incredibly excited to announce that we will be partnering with a plant  delivery service called Platrunz. This collaboration will allow us to create an accessible way to deliver our  plants, while also maintaining a safe Covid-friendly delivery”. Plantrunz delivers From the GTA to  London, with some stops in Ottawa, allowing for customers to buy plants from all over Ontario.  

Botanical Jewels is proud to boast that their website will function both as a resource for plant owners, and  as a shopping destination for community members looking for new indoor plants. They strive to provide  the community with both knowledge and access to plants to better enrich their own lives. The plan  moving forward is to continually update their stock of plants as well as add educational resources as the  business grows and new plant knowledge is discovered.  


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