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156 - 6/1/2015 4:39:16 PM 
Hey Ho! Let`s Go!...To Philly!
The Brute-Leggers, Royal City Roller Girls' travel team, need help getting to the East Coast Derby Extravaganza in Philadelphia...

147 - 5/17/2015 5:42:46 PM 
Royal City Roller Girls Double Header

Fast-paced, full-contact Roller Derby in Guelph!
June 13, 6pm - Exhibition Park Arena, Guelph

177 - 1/4/2015 10:28:30 AM 
Come Join the Roller Derby!
We want FRESH MEAT...

The Royal City Roller Girls, Guelph's roller-derby league, is hosting an Info Night and Registration...

159 - 9/5/2014 5:52:14 PM 
2014 Season Closer Sat Sept 6th!

The Royal City Roller Girls wraps up another successful season of action-packed skating and hits.

Before hockey season starts up, come see Guelph's all-women roller derby skaters give some hits and body checks of their own!..

157 - 8/15/2014 6:57:24 AM 
The R.C. Roller Girls Want YOU!
NOW RECRUITING for Guelph's women's roller-derby league!

Our league offers an introductory 11 weeks of training to teach you everything you need to join Our Ladies of Pain and start participating as part of a powerful group, on and off the rink.

Learn how to skate fast, fall small, give (and take!) a hit.

Oh, and stopping, yeah, stopping will definitely be covered.

61 - 10/30/2013 6:35:45 PM 
Who We Are

We are the Royal City Roller Girls (RCRG), Guelph’s first Roller Derby League!


76 - 8/14/2013 11:37:11 AM 
This Is Roller Derby!
Highlights from the August 3rd,2013 Sleeman Center Finale of Royal City Roller Girl Roller Derby.

The Double Header featured: RCRG's Brute-Leggers vs. Tri City Roller Girls' Venus Fly Tramps as well as RCRG's Violet Uprising vs. Forest City Roller Girls' Luscious Lunch Ladies.

Video Courtesy: Turtleshell Studio
Audio Courtesy: Jackfruit..

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