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"Continual evolution of nutritional knowledge"
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How It Works : Athletes
Initial Assessment _ At our first meeting we will go over your health history, your current level of training and your current food habits.

We will discuss your sport specific goals and how nutrition will play a role in you achieving these. You will leave this appointment with daily diet and training logs to complete.

First Appointment
Before this meeting you will send back your completed diet and training logs.  At this appointment we'll discuss specific nutritional tips to help you reach your goals, we'll review your individualized meal plan and answer any questions.  

Fine Tuning Appointments
We'll schedule your second appointment two weeks later.  This lets us review your progress and make any necessary adjustments.  Further appointments can be scheduled as your situation may require.  I recommend we continue to check-in every three weeks until your goals are met.
Transition Appointments
As you approach a change in routine either from off season to in season, or moving into a different level of play it is important to make a plan for how this will change your nutritional requirements.   
Your nutritional needs are much different in-season than they are during the off-season.  In-season you need to maintain endurance, energy, and muscle mass while looking to prevent injury.  In the off-season your focus is often on muscle gain, repair,  and injury recovery.

Note to coaches
evolve nutrition is pleased to offer customizable plans to allow for your entire team to benefit from nutritional change.  A combination of team education and individual appointments allows your team to reach the goals you have set for them.  Contact us today to develop a winning plan for your team.

Whatever the reason evolve nutrition is there to support your child and you in making some positive nutrition changes that fit into your child's tastes and your family's lifestyle.

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