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365 - 10/10/2018 7:46:54 PM  

Nathan Skoufis To Represent Guelph

Skoufis qualifies for Diamond Nationals World Championships tournament

Nathan Skoufis, 24, Owner and Head Instructor of Guelph Family Martial Arts has qualified for the largest martial arts tournament in the world, Diamond Nationals World Championships to take place in Minneapolis, MN.  

The event will draw participants from throughout the globe, all with hopes of claiming the prestigious victory, the event is among the longest running in North America. 

Skoufis will enter the tournament as the #1 ranked welterweight NASKA Fighter in the world, for a fourth-straight year. 

Martial Arts styles present will include kickboxing, karate, boxing, tae kwon do and many more. 

 Skoufis will represent our community and Canada at the event.

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